The Most Common Advantages And Disadvantages Associated With Lasik Eye Surgery

LASIK Or laser In-situ keratomileusis is an extremely famous vision correction surgery around the world. Not only this, it is also one of the most widely performed procedures. It is basically performed to correct the medical conditions like Hyperopia, Myopia and Astigmatism. This procedure is performed by reshaping the cornea of your eye. So that the light could focus correctly on the retina. And hence giving you a clear vision. This is because when light doesn’t focus on the retina, it results in giving you a blurry vision. And the amazing part is, LASIK surgery cost in india {} is pretty much affordable. To have a more accurate look on what LASIK is, we have gathered few advantages and disadvantages of this procedure. So, let’s have a look at them. 




  • Safety- Eyes are an extremely delicate part of our body. One can’t even imagine what life would be like without them. Therefore when it comes to it, safety should be your first priority. Unlike any other eye surgery, LASIK has a great record. It is one of the safest procedures ever. 

  • Clear and improved vision- Any objective having eye surgery is to get a clear vision. Well, LASIK has provided the most accurate vision among all. The patients who had this surgery are extremely satisfied with the results and got the desired vision. Around 96% of the people achieved 20/20 vision, that is really appreciable. 

  • Painless- No matter how strong you are, when it comes to surgeries, everyone gets nervous. The biggest thing that people are afraid of is pain. You will be surprised to know that LASIK is the most painless surgery ever. Although, you might feel a little discomfort but for that your surgeon will give you numbing drops before the procedure. 

  • Fastest healing- Healing time is something everybody is curious about. People want to be healed as quickly as possible. And you surely can in the case of LASIK. You will start seeing results just 24 hours after the procedure. 




Well, dry eyes are the only and the most common side effect that lasik eye surgery has. It can last for days, weeks or even months. You might experience scratchy and uncomfortable eyes. Although, this can be treated with eye drops. It is suggested to choose the best doctor for lasik surgery in Delhi – visual aids centre. This will give you more assurance regarding the procedure. You can clear any doubts with your surgeon. Also, if you will follow all the precautions and take proper rest, you’ll heal even faster. LASIK is one of  the most advanced eye treatments. Therefore, don’t worry about any kind of serious complications. If you are thinking of having it, you definitely should. 

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